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Design Environs Corporation offers quality office chairs for a comfortable and productive work environment.  We provide well designed chairs that allow users to adjust the height and depth providing ample support for all body types.  The right chair can prevent prolonged back and neck pain by offering a strong frame, quality mechanics, and the adjustability options you need.  Design Environs Corporation would like to help you find the best chair for your needs.

Basic Chair Features:

  • Back support: An adjustable curved backrest can add extra support.
  • Seat height adjustment: An easy to adjust lever will improve posture and prevent back pain.
  • Seat width and depth: The seat should be wide enough to support users of varying body types comfortably and deep enough to let them relax against the backrest. 
  • Seat cushion: The seat should be cushioned to evenly distribute the user’s weight and contoured to the user’s body frame.
  • Armrests: Armrests can be adjusted vertically or horizontally to support the forearms and elbows while typing.
  • Swivel: A swivel mechanism allows the user to move from side to side in the chair without much effort.
  • Seat tilt: This lets the chair slope forward to relieve pressure on the spine. 
  • Wheels: You can choose from sturdy wheels that glide effortlessly over thick carpeting or raised floors, or rubber-tipped casters that prevent scratches to delicate surfaces.
  • Material: For proper ergonomics, consider chairs with additional padding. They tend to be “breathable” which takes away from some of the user’s natural body heat.

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