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Design Environs Corporation offers a wide variety of adjustable standing desks to suit your individual office needs.  Too much long term sitting can have negative health effects! Health authorities recommend changing posture from sitting to standing position during your work day to avoid the harmful long-term effects of too much sitting. Height Adjustable Tables from Furniture Now! are easy, quick and quiet to operate.  They offer the optimal vertical range to accommodate people of all sizes.  We offer added optional features including electrical operation and even programmable solutions.  We have several casing finishes to choose from in our catalog to match your style and color selections. 


Adjustable Standing Desk Features:

  • Choose your base from our 4 options: A) Deluxe Electric – Regular (B) Corner (Corner for L Workstations) (C) Pneumatic Gas Lift (D) Crank Lift.
  • Choose the top: 1. Rectangular – Square 2. Rectangular – Beveled Edge 3. Porkchop Top w/Return Top (Combined Creates “L” Workstation)
  • Many finishes in stock to choose from including: Cherry, Coastal Gray, Espresso, Honey, Mahogany, Maple, Modern Walnut, White.
  • Electric crank helps make adjustments easy: You can spend hours at your desk at work. If your desk is a little too high or too low, you can become prone to neck and back pains. This deluxe electric adjustable base brings just the perfect solution to you. This height adjustable base offers you sheer utility, while keeping the aesthetics intact. With this height adjustable base, you have total control over the height of your desk top.
  • Programmable Options for ease and efficiency: Electric tables with automated bases are created to allow a large amount of flexibility concerning table heights; however, the task of adjusting table heights can be tedious and time consuming. This programmable remote offers top-notch quality, which means several trouble free years of performance. This remote works effortlessly with your electric table to easily adjust the height of your workstation at the office as per your needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many of our office furniture collections offer options that you can feel good about with  certified care for the environment.
  • Non-toxic: We also work with manufacturers that provide non-toxic solutions.

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